Pure Perfection 100 N® THE BEST - Skin rejuvenation is not a dream − but reality!

Ageing skin – a problem as old as mankind. Finally – a solution 

Just as old as the problem itself: the search for a solution that allows us to counteract the ageing process of the skin.

Micro-needling techniques and autohaemotherapy are important components of modern anti-anti-ageing therapy and the key to beautiful skin. An experienced dermatologist punctures the skin with extremely thin needles and, depending on the type of treatment, injects a specially prepared serum made from the patient’s own blood. Growth factors are what makes these treatments effective. They are peptides that can activate skin cells by virtue of the key-lock principle. They stimulate the cells to produce an increased quantity of structural substances, such as collagen and elastin, which are essential for youthful skin. The microscopic needle punctures activates the release of these substances and/or facilitate their transport to the active substance.

MBR® substance researchers have risen to the challenge and successfully found a cosmetic use for this concept. Using the latest technologies of modern pharmaceutical research, MBR® has developed the FibroBoost Complex (integrated peptides with a similar structure to the natural growth factors and stimulate similar effects, e.g. visible rejuvenation, in the fibroblasts), encapsulated in the patented carrier technology CapsulesTM.

The result: MBR® Pure Perfection 100 N® THE BEST, whose secret is the MBR® FibroBoost Complex.

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