HARMONY & BALANCE EdPVaporisateur: 50 ml

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Comforting chargeback

Product description

Comforting chargeback Modern life is hectic, typical life styles are stressful and everyday life is flooded with stimuli. Who does not seek a moment of relaxation, something that provides us with balance and centres us again? Description This fragrance is not exhausting, not demanding; it has no need to attract attention or impress. Rather, it aims to carefully restore balance and help regain natural equilibrium. The composition A brief, beautifully subtle nuance of citrus fruit in the head note together with rose and violet make for a balanced, sensitively tailored fragrance concept. Amber, musk and vanilla turn this fragrance into a gentle, sensual experience that has a calming, appeasing effect and that provides the impetus to master all challenges. Scent powdery, fresh, subtly floral


Mornings after the daily cleaning generously to all well-perfused areas, such as distributing wrists or neck. The indescribable feeling of effective care lasts all day. Repeat application as an added burst of freshness in between.
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