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The A & Eau personal care

Product description

The A & Eau personal care Beauty starts with your skin. However, being beautiful also means that you feel beautiful, and this in particular has something to do with one’s sense of perception and the sensory impression of a scent. Impressive, yet light enough never to be disturbing, the BioChange® Anti-Ageing BODY CARE fragrance conveys a feeling of purity, potency and balance. Description The perfectly aligned interaction of florally, fruity notes and aromatically, sensual characters create a fine, light aura, which is quintessential, irresistibly clear and authentic. Light-hearted and pure, the carefully selected, valuable essences assist in conveying a new sense of freshness, airiness and an entirely new feeling of body awareness. The composition Determined, yet reserved, the combination of valuable essential oils, with mandarine, lemon, cassis, pineapple and mango, pursue a clear objective – reviving one’s spirits and stimulating one’s senses! Elaborately obtained extracts from geranium, orange flower, white tea, yellow freesia, rose, orris and lily of the valley evoke positive memories, creating a sense of balance, revitalising and focussing one’s view on what is truly essential. White musk, amber and a careful selection of woods exude beguiling aromas, combining unexpected sensuality with absolute well-being. Scent authentically pure, light, floral


Mornings after the daily cleaning generously to all well-perfused areas, such as distributing wrists or neck. The indescribable feeling of effective care lasts all day. Repeat application as an added burst of freshness in between.
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