l´OR Pure Gold EdPVaporisateur: 100 ml

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Luxury for body and mind


Product description

Honest fascination Just why gold became the pivot of fantasies and legends, is simple and self-explanatory. The indestructible precious-metal is eternal. It defies natural orders and caducity. Due to its consistency, radiance, and scarcity, Gold arouses desire and fascination. Description True, eternal, and ultimate; the fragrance spiritualizes the attributes of Gold itself. A unique experience that stops time with the capacity to capture eternity in a single moment. 12 carefully selected essences harmonize with the magical 13th, pure Gold, giving this fragrance its distinctive character. The composition The reviving nuances of lemon, orange, apple and peaches present itself in a surprising manner in the Top note. Sensually enticing floral nuances of jasmine, lanvender, lavandin and green notes comprise the heart note. Spicy accords of amber, cedarwood, musk, patchouly and vanilla provide security, personality, and character in a harmonizing base note. The impression of l´OR left on the skin and in the airis without equal. The honest sensation of pure desire, pure luxury, pure Gold. Scent floral, sensual, elemental


Mornings after the daily cleaning generously to all well-perfused areas, such as distributing wrists or neck. The indescribable feeling of effective care lasts all day. Repeat application as an added burst of freshness in between.

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